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Simone Graham, GreatfunDesign

Important Notice: Blog Design Unavailable

Due to illness I am currently unable to take any orders for blog design (I have been in hospital with suspected Guillane Barre Syndrome and need a break from the computer to aid recovery). I will probably reopen for orders in February 2014. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

Blog Design

After helping a number of friends out with Blog Makeovers in the past and sharing blog and design tips on my blog for many years ( I have become pretty adept at wielding html code and creating individual blog designs which reflect the blogger's preferences - not mine.​

My background is in graphic design and I link my knowledge of Photoshop and Typography with a desire to make every blog beautiful and visually appealing.


~ Custom Blog Design

~ Header & Button Design

~ Social Media Icons



~ Certificate of Applied Art &  


~ Six years working in design


~ Seven Years experience

    working in Photoshop

~ Five years experience


~ Regular Feature Writer for

    Parenting NZ Magazine

~ Author & Illustrator of Childrens
    Book "An Unexpected


~ Redesigned blogs for happy

~ Customer service is my priority

2010 - present

2010 - present

I can create designs for brand-new bloggers or veterans. No matter how big or small your readership, I can make your blog reflect who you are and what you are about. Each design is unique and tailored just for YOU.

Because I am working online and communicating via email, I can design for anyone, anywhere in the world. I can create headers and grab buttons for anyone on any type of blog platform, however I currently only offer complete makeovers for blogs on the Blogger platform, but will be expandng to offer Typepad makeovers in the near future, as I come to grips with that platform.

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